5 years ago

Living with Intention

The aroma of freshly baked vanilla cake was wafting in the air.  It sat waiting to be cooled down and iced with my son.  My youngest son Mikey finds pure joy sitting on top of brothers over sized monster truck.  Laughing, snot nosed, still in pajamas with the addition of dried on evidence of his lunch.  Mason sits in the chair with me, wiggling and tuned out to everything around him as he is fully engrossed in his Hobby Kid video.  It was friday and my thoughts went to auto pilot as I began to linger on the things I had planned to accomplish over the weekend.  Let’s see I’m going to be at work at the vet clinic on saturday but I will need to make sure I get up early so I can prepare breakfast and lunch for the kiddos before I head out.  Dada on duty while I’m away. I will need to get caught back up on the never ending battle of laundry when I get home, figure out what to make for dinner and oh yeah need to be sure Mason practices the flash cards he detests so much.  The list goes on and on.  But I stop for a moment.  I remind myself that this is the year I want to live with intention and maybe push myself a little at a time out of my comfort zone.  Living with intention to me means to be more present in the race of life and stop switching my

 brain to auto pilot.  To speak with a softer tone to my kids and husband.  To be more selfless and admit when I am wrong.  To be more present even when life is filled with spills, messes and sprinkles of happiness.  These are not easy feats that I expect can be accomplished in a day but more like step by step, day by day.  You see the fruit of the spirit is in me and I just need to quiet the chattering to a lull and start living with intention.


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