5 years ago

Fun Friday

“But I’m so tired mom, do I have to go to school today?” The car ride to school this morning told the tale of my son late night owl habits.  He sounded less than enthusiastic about VPK today and dreamed of his head hitting the pillow instead.  “Yes Mason, but today is Friday! Just think you get to stay up late tonight and sleep in tomorrow.” Oh what it would be like to relive those days again.  At drop off the always enthusiastic Mrs. Frier opened the door to usher my son out and told him “Happy Fun Friday!”  It made me kinda giggle and wonder

what all the possibilities for a boy to have a fantastic fun friday.  At pick up wondering where his afternoon snack might be and little brother Mikey reaching to get to big brother toy only to start fussing because he couldn’t reach it.  “Mom I’m hungry!”.  Okay I will admit I was running a bit behind but promised I would fix lunch as soon as we got home.  Once we got home unbuckling kiddos from car seats I remembered we

had some vanilla cake mix and icing my mom had given to us a few weeks ago.  “Wouldn’t it be fun to bake a cake together today Mason?” so we did.  After our cake had cooled down we decided to ice it and decorate it with sprinkles.  In between icing our cake and licking the sweet buttercream frosting we brainstormed our own Fun Friday.  “How about we prank Maw Maw (that’s what we call my husband mother around this neck of the woods)!”  Mason giddly giggled and began to whisper as if she was already there “How about we put some toy rats on her cake?”  This is how we rocked our Fun Friday!