5 years ago

Waiting on his glory

I had just sat down in the rocking chair and opened my hands on bible curriculum for our upcoming sunday school class.  “Hmm, what will our story for this sunday be?” I thought to myself merely able to skim the lesson plan when I received a text from my sister.  “Hey not sure if you heard or not but wanted to keep you in the loop.  Johnny is currently being seen by a pediatric neurologist for Autism.  During his last follow up with the nurse practioner he just did one of his “zoning out” episodes.  She snapped her fingers in front of him and immediately asked if this was a common occurrence, which it is.” The nurse then told my sister this was a red flag for what is called an “absence seizure”.  Both my sister and my newphew Johnny would have to stay at the neurologist office for 24 hours to have an EEG done to capture any seizures.

After reading her text, my sister in law Autumn and I texted her some words of support and ecouragment.  My momma heart goes out to my sister who has been through alot

and then my heart goes out to my sweet and always loveable nephew Johnny.  He is a funny little boy, always smiling, always on the go, with determination that sometimes tests the limits of both my mom and dads, his mother and teachers patience.  Johnny had recently been moved to ESE due to increasing behavioral problems at school.  My mother and fathers tired faces conveyed feelings of anxiety, dread and sadness at what this little boys life would be like.  Will he do okay in his new ESE class? Will other kids accept him or mock him? What will this childs life be like as he matures into a man?

The sound of my son toddling and babbling around in the room brings my attention to him and then I notice our lesson.  Jesus heals a blind man.  Jesus was traveling with his disciples and saw a man blind from birth.  His disciples asked Jesus who sinned, this man or his parents that he was born blind.  Neither the man or his parents had sinned, but this man whom was blind from birth was born like this so that the works of God might be displayed in him.  Jesus spit on the ground, made mud with his saliva, and put it into the man’s eyes.  Jesus told the man to wash his eyes and the man was able to see.  The man rejoiced! The people in the community took notice and began asking questions about whom and how he was healed.  Others did not believe.  Jesus found a man and asked him “Do you believe in the Son of Man?” The man then believed and became a follower.

As we all anxiously await Johnnys test results not knowing all of the “what if’s” I cling to the story of Jesus healing the blind man.  I feel him gently whisper to wait patiently because he is using Johnny to glorify him.



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